Wireless Debug Probe

For some time I have been working on a Wi-Fi connected Cortex-M debug probe and there have been several prototype PCBs designed and built. Last week I received the latest prototypes from PCBWay and the first of that batch of assemblies is testing and working.

The video below shows a short session using GDB to communicate with an STM32F4xx MCU. The Wireless Debug Probe (WDBP) is being powered by a LiPoly battery pack and the target MCU is powered by the WDBP. You will note that the initial scan to connect to the target fails because WDBP had not been configured to power it.

Also note, the report of the battery voltage in addition to the target voltage.

WDBP is based upon the Black Magic Probe (BMP) and implements all the features of BMP. In addition to the wireless connection WDBP offers a USB connection, just like the original BMP. WDBP is open source software and hardware, and the design will be published publicly on it is launched as a product.

A crowd funding campaign is being prepared to launch WDBP.