Most Recent Projects

CueAssist – Modular automation system for live animal shows. CueAssist includes not only on-stage control of music and sound effects but also integrated, remote animal release mechanisms.

Wireless Debug Probe – An Open Source, Wi-Fi or USB connected, SWD and JTAG debug probe for Cortex-M MCUs. Based upon an existing Open Source design this debug probe is compatible with several source-level debuggers, e.g. ImageCraft, Eclipse, and GDB.

Digital Experience Guardian (DxG) – An “in-theater” monitoring and quality assurance system for digital cinemas.The project included not only the embedded firmware for the measuring instrument and conceptual design of the sensors, but also, the desktop management application for deployment of the instrument and collection and display of the test results. Instrument code written in ‘C’ for the Microchip ATMega164P and the desktop suite written using Visual Basic .NET.

ImageCraft Project Importers – a suite of applications written using the Electron Framework to convert third party Cortex-M projects for use with the ImageCraft IDE.

ImageCraft Jumpstart Debugger – A ‘C’ source-level debugger for embedded systems based upon the Microchip AVR and Cortex-M series of microcontroller. Written in ‘C’.

Gates Air Flexiva Audio Routing and on-air Audio Console – Software system architecture and implementation of this distributed audio control and routing system for radio broadcast, on-air studios. This included the desktop-based management software suite and the embedded software in all the system devices.