Excellent plugin for Kicad

One of the issues I have encountered when testing circuit boards is finding where on the board a particular part is located. Typically I open the PCB layout (Kicad PCBnew) on my computer and use the zoom feature to scroll around to find the part I am looking for. One can also use the find feature of the layout editor, however, I find that doing doesn’t always give you a wide enough view of the board, the tool focuses in on the part found.

Also, if you are assembling a PCB and want to know the location of all the 1K resistors it is difficult to do with the layout editor.

Both of the above were why I was so pleased to discover this excellent plugin for Kicad’s PCBnew. It is an open source plugin available for download from Github. If you are a Kicad user give it a try … I think you will love it!