Android Developer Tutorials

When trying to learn about new features and components that are available for Android development a search of YouTube reveals hundreds, if not thousands of video tutorials. Unfortunately many are of such poor quality they are just noise hiding the best videos. Often, these so-called video “tutorials” are simple screen captures with either a bad audio track or no audio at all. A tutorial to be valuable must include context and background and reveal not only the “how” but the “why” of the principle being taught. These screen captures are often full screen videos of the user’s desktop, seeing and reading the text on screen is just about impossible.

One step up from this are the videos that overlay these captures with a window into which the “instructor” types what they are doing, again, not a tutorial in my opinion.

Imagine my pleasure when eventually I found what I believe to be one of the best series of Android video tutorials I have discovered. The channel is “Coding in Flow“, the author, Florian, also has a blog on their website. Not only is Florian an excellent instructor, his videos are of outstanding quality and clarity. While using Android Studio the video pans and zooms so that it is absolutely clear which menu or button is being used. Florian explains each step of the process clearly, or, if a technique is a little too deep for the current video, he refers to other videos in his channel.

I cannot recommend this YouTube channel strongly enough, please take a look today.


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