What do you mean my app crashes on startup!

As a part of my Grow with Google Nanodegree I submitted my latest project for review yesterday. Imagine my surprise this morning when the reviewer rejected it because it crashed on startup. How could that be? I mean, if it crashes on startup I wouldn’t have been able to test it at all.

In situations like this my experience tells me the issue must be related to the environment in which the app was being run. What is the difference between my setup and that of the reviewer. There was no more detailed feedback from the reviewer other than a stack trace of the crash. It looked like a null object exception, again, why wasn’t I seeing it?

Based upon my experience I realized that the issue was probably due to the fact that the reviewer was running my app for the first time on his computer, whereas it had been run many times on mine. For testing I use the Android Studio device emulator (AVD), I used AVD to wipe all the data from the emulated device in order to get my setup as close as possible to that of the reviewer. Once I did that I was able to reproduce the exact problem reported. Not only that, I was able to fix the issue in a few minutes and re-submit it for review.

The takeaway of this exercise is that even experienced programmers sometimes forget that the testing of apps needs to be done in a way that gets as close as possible to the end users “first contact” with it. A small error on my part, introduced several revisions ago, turned out to be a “ticking bomb” when the app was installed on a device for the very first time.

Happy debugging!


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