Information Sources

There is so much new technology to stay abreast of these days that we all need a little help. I find there are a number of YouTube channels that can help with this task.

The Open Source and Maker communities are deep wells of information about new technology and tools for engineers, both professional and makers. One source that keeps a good eye on the crowd souring community is the “MickMake” channel. Here you will find a weekly roundup of new products from several crowd sources:

Another good resource for components and solid tutorials is AdaFruit, in particular their learning section is excellent:

If you are interested in the design process itself and enjoy watching how engineers execute their projects there is a very good channel from Piotr Esden-Tempski. In this channel you will find some captures of some very long live streams done my Piotr. These streams are unedited and provide a great window into the way all projects flow, warts and all. So refreshing after seeing so many how-to videos where the instructor makes everything look way easy and they never make mistakes like us “real folks.” #ibitsy, @esden.

Piotr also has several Gitter rooms where he reports progress on his projects and takes constructive feedback. To get notified when he is live streaming one of his projects sign up for his esden/live room on Gitter –

So many other great resources,