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Why everyone should be using Git

I am a long-time user of source code management tools, for many years I used Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS). I tried several times to understand and use Git but found the learning curve rather steep and went back to my

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Project Update #2

Just received the first two pre-production prototypes of the Wireless Debug Probe (WDBP) from MacroFab. After initial inspection and power-up I am so far very pleased with the quality of the work done. There are a few firmware issues to

Transitioning to using SMT components

For several decades I have designed, built, and tested my own PCBs for several products/projects. During all of that time I made use of traditional “through-hole” mounting components. Beyond the schematic capture and PCB design software no special tools were

More on interrupts and atomic operations

In my previous post I wrote about interrupts and atomic operations in embedded systems. After getting bitten myself with just such an issue I thought I would write about the details of what I just experienced on my current project.

Interrupts, atomic variables, and the “volatile” keyword

I have been trying to track down a particularly tricky problem on my Wireless Debug Probe over the last few days. When embedded systems begin to perform in strange, apparently illogical, ways the culprit is usually related to interrupts disrupting

Project update #1

When I started this blog it was partly to track the progress of my latest project, briefly mentioned here. Over the month or two following the original post a number of issues were discovered with the original design. It used

Information Sources

There is so much new technology to stay abreast of these days that we all need a little help. I find there are a number of YouTube channels that can help with this task. The Open Source and Maker communities

Follow-up to support post

After having a rather poor experience with the Microchip online support systems (see this post) I finally made contact with a US-based support engineer and in a matter of a couple of days he resolved the issues I was having.

Semiconductor support … or lack of it

My current project uses an Atmel (Microchip these days) WINC1500 Wi-Fi module. The original part I had chosen for my project proved to be difficult to handle during prototype assembly and this made me nervous for production yield, hence the

Bitten by SI units

The USA is one of a few countries that have not fully adopted SI units (sometimes called Metric units) of measurements across the board. Generally for people working in the USA on electronics projects it is a small issue. We